21:36 Ticket #2857 (MC cannot enter a particular ZIP file) created by birdie
I've nothing to add.
11:54 Ticket #2856 (mceditor 4.8.4 segfaults in RHEL 6.3 when aspell (en) dictionary is not ...) created by birdie
I have built Midght Commander from mc-4.8.4-2.fc18.src.rpm ( …
07:34 Ticket #2855 (Syntax highlighting to the JAL and the LKR files.) created by infinitum
The Jal is a programming language, that is used to PIC microcontrollers. …


14:05 Ticket #2854 (double click on a PanelDirectoryHistoryList directory does not 'cd' to it) created by RBerny
Using the mouse to change the current directory after opening the …


09:46 Ticket #2853 (mc-4.8.4 - mcedit no longer remembers line number the user left the ...) created by Polynomial-C
mcedit from mc-4.8.4 no longer remembers the line a user was in the last …


07:30 Ticket #2852 ('gzip: %f.gz: No such file or directory' when viewing ...) closed by andrew_b
07:30 NEWS-4.8.5 edited by andrew_b
#2852 (diff)
07:19 Changeset [0467c6] by Andrew Borodin <aborodin@…>
master1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaksDEV_keymapsDEV_search_testsMerge branch '2852_ext_d_fixes' * 2852_ext_d_fixes: Ticket #2851: fixes …
06:46 Ticket #1535 (Feature: support SCP/SFTP) reopened by andrew_b
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