19:19 Ticket #2670 (Prepare for stable release mc- created by slavazanko
See ReleaseGuidelines for more details
10:51 Changeset [83ee61] by Andrew Borodin <aborodin@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.8.1-stableDEV_keymapsDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockTicket #2669: fixed broken directory reloading. Bug was introduced in …
08:37 Ticket #2669 (Broken FTP/FISH directory refresh by Ctrl+R) created by IceMan
After upgrade to the latest mc (4.8.0-34-g0035a1d) FISH/FTP directory …


07:48 Ticket #2640 (sand256 skin update) closed by slavazanko
fixed: Fixed in master: changeset:14973a6b02767621e4b8bd307f885663d76f8cff
07:46 Changeset [14973a6] by Slava Zanko <slavazanko@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.8.1-stableDEV_keymapsDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockTicket #2640: sand256 skin update Seems that the previous patch was …


21:17 Ticket #2640 (sand256 skin update) reopened by egmont
Sorry for reopening, seems that the previous patch was incomplete. …
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15:50 Ticket #2668 (Compute totals OFF: wrong count of file processed in copy dialog) closed by andrew_b
14:20 Ticket #2668 (Compute totals OFF: wrong count of file processed in copy dialog) created by wwp
The number of files processed might be wrong if the "compute totals" otion …
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12:37 Ticket #2667 (Fish subshell doesnt work) closed by andrew_b
duplicate: Duplicate of #231.
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12:14 Ticket #2667 (Fish subshell doesnt work) created by elpresidento
mc -V GNU Midnight Commander Sestaveno s GLib 2.28.8 Používá se …


18:07 Ticket #2666 (FR: Start detached (has patch inside)) created by Hubbitus
Hello, guys. Far on Windows (yes, I'm use it on many servers at work) …
07:22 Ticket #2410 (Position calculation is byte-related not character-related) closed by andrew_b
duplicate: Duplicate of #2283.
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#278 (diff)
07:15 Ticket #278 (Change title of panel after panelization) closed by andrew_b
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