19:48 Ticket #2615 (Wrong links owner when copying directory structure) created by bradatec
It seems that "Preserve attributes" are not correctly preserved for …
17:29 Changeset [6253de] by Andrew Borodin <aborodin@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.8.1-stableDEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockTicket #2543: Hex viewer mode does not restore cursor position. If you …
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19:16 Ticket #2614 (Editor word completion should ignore the current word) created by ply
Currently the completion considers the word the cursor is on as a possible …
10:53 Ticket #2599 (Binary builds for debian/ubuntu) closed by slavazanko
10:52 Binaries edited by slavazanko
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10:39 NEWS-4.7.5...4.8.0 created by slavazanko
10:32 Ticket #2613 (4.8.0-pre2 VFS) closed by slavazanko
invalid: You need to replace old-style VFS paths to new-style in your …
10:15 Ticket #2613 (4.8.0-pre2 VFS) created by IceMan
In the latest build 4.8.0-pre2 (git …
08:36 Ticket #2179 (gotar.ini update) closed by slavazanko
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#2611 (diff)
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#2611 (diff)
07:26 Ticket #2611 (FISH: broken panels drawing after entering password) closed by slavazanko
Cherry-picked to stable: 2b4e5333e6ce1e10c7a67debe1f004a2619cfc02
07:26 Changeset [2b4e53] by Slava Zanko <slavazanko@…>
4.7.5-stableTicket #2611: FISH: broken panels drawing after entering password Steps …
07:24 Changeset [07c14a] by Slava Zanko <slavazanko@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2252_too_many_rebuilds2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.8.1-stableDEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockMerge branch '2611_broken_panels_drawing' * 2611_broken_panels_drawing: …
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04:15 Ticket #2612 ([regression] [Ctrl + X -> Key] shortcuts entirely broken in MC closed by andrew_b
duplicate: You found #2609. Fine! Why you created THIS ticket???


20:01 Ticket #2612 ([regression] [Ctrl + X -> Key] shortcuts entirely broken in MC created by birdie
Due to this little change: […] Ctrl+X shortcuts (like chmod, Ctrl + X …
12:07 Ticket #2605 (FISH: mc hangs while copy lot of small files) closed by slavazanko
11:51 Ticket #169 (Need for change some report in trac ticket system and add new report) closed by slavazanko
11:50 Ticket #2605 (FISH: mc hangs while copy lot of small files) reopened by slavazanko
08:44 Ticket #2383 (MC doesn't put rebinded keys into the search(Ctrl-S, Alt-S)) closed by andrew_b
fixed: Well, I hope it fixed in #2522. If not, feel free to reopen this ticket.


09:53 Changeset [b361722] by Slava Zanko <slavazanko@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1_smbfs2129_glib_static2252_too_many_rebuilds2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.8.1-stableDEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockTicket #2611: FISH: broken panels drawing after entering password Steps …
09:50 Ticket #2611 (FISH: broken panels drawing after entering password) created by slavazanko
Steps to reproduce: * run ssh daemon on your host; * run mc; * type …
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