22:21 Ticket #2487 (scroll beyond EOF) closed by slavazanko
wontfix: See #2135 for more details
22:02 Ticket #2487 (scroll beyond EOF) created by ika256
GNU Midnight Commander 4.7.5 Built with GLib 2.26.1 Using the S-Lang …
21:03 Ticket #2486 (Move cursor to newly copied/moved single file after activating inactive ...) created by slavazanko
Would be cool if cursor will moved to copied single file after activating …
20:09 Ticket #2485 (Change mc.ext entry for static libs) created by mnk
This is a followup of defect #1800. That one was accepted, but I've …
18:07 Ticket #2484 (segv after codepage change) created by gotar
1. mcedit file (with some 8-bit encoding, like latin2) 2. type in some …
17:50 Ticket #2483 (not intuitive behavior EditWordLeft, EditWordRight) created by angel_il
not intuitive behavior EditWordLeft?, EditWordRight? The cursor not stop …
17:17 NewTicket edited by andrew_b
17:16 NewTicket edited by andrew_b
mc -V (diff)
16:58 NewTicket edited by angel_il
16:56 NewTicket edited by angel_il
16:55 NewTicket edited by angel_il
16:53 NewTicket edited by angel_il
16:44 Ticket #2112 (mcedit - select text with Shift-PageUp|PageDown|Home|End) closed by angel_il
16:43 Ticket #2012 ('External formater' touches /dev/null) closed by angel_il
fixed: this trouble will be fided in #323


16:55 Ticket #2482 (Command line autocomplete) closed by andrew_b
invalid: It was fixed in #2458. Please use search before create tickets.
14:20 Ticket #2482 (Command line autocomplete) created by gms
Command line autocomplete seems to be broken in 4.7.5. It became to work …


09:48 Ticket #2481 (Prepare for release mc- created by slavazanko
See ReleaseGuidelines for more details.


17:47 Ticket #2480 (mc & fish might hang when file grows whilst loading it for viewing) created by alexander.stohr
i had a log file that grows and wanted it to view using the built in …
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