19:58 Ticket #2418 (copying/moving with shell patterns won't work as expected) created by yury_t
Copying/moving 'name' to, say, '*.ext' target creates '.ext' target …


17:26 Ticket #2416 (Closing the window with mc leaves it in background consuming 100% CPU) closed by andrew_b
duplicate: Ok, closed.
11:37 Ticket #2417 (String in the editor's search field turns into garbage after reopening ...) created by ziv
Actually, I'm not sure if it's a bug or rather an enhancement. How to …
09:07 Ticket #2100 (mc hangs up on attempt to enter .zip archive with encrypted headers) closed by andrew_b
duplicate: Replying to slavazanko: > may be relative to #1685 Yes. Closed …


10:39 Changeset [2cfa57d] by Andrew Borodin <aborodin@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1875_reorganize_options1_smbfs2129_glib_static212_menu_keybind2244_busy_loop2252_too_many_rebuilds2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.7.5-stable4.8.1-stable68_fish_abort_file_transfer_fixDEV_cmdlineDEV_improved_f11DEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockDEV_skin_improvementMerge branch '2229_viewer_fast_move_up_down_wrapped' * …
10:26 NEWS-4.7.5 edited by andrew_b
#2229 (diff)
10:24 Ticket #2229 (MC viewer doesn't like [binary] files with no line endings [2 bugs here]) reopened by andrew_b
Reopened to continue development.
10:02 Changeset [8eef3c] by Andrew Borodin <aborodin@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1875_reorganize_options1_smbfs2129_glib_static212_menu_keybind2244_busy_loop2252_too_many_rebuilds2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.7.5-stable4.8.1-stable68_fish_abort_file_transfer_fixDEV_cmdlineDEV_improved_f11DEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockDEV_skin_improvementTicket #2229: speed up of up/down moving in viewer in wrapped mode. …


21:55 Ticket #2416 (Closing the window with mc leaves it in background consuming 100% CPU) created by zap
I've compiled mc 4.7.4 on Nokia N900 (debian-based Maemo5 OS) with ncurses …
13:01 doc edited by andrew_b
12:40 Ticket #2415 (Exit window won't disappear when "Cancel quit" is pressed) created by ziv
If you're editing a file, have made some changes and press "Quit" a new …
08:52 Ticket #1939 (If panels.ini exists, it will be used by not saved. If not, a 1 byte file ...) reopened by yury_t
Similar error happens in 4.7.3 and in 4.7.4, too. If there is no …
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