23:13 Ticket #2329 (Whitespace-only sequences not remembered) created by gotar
All the dialogs (mcedit's search, mkdir, copy/rename etc.) forget strings …
12:41 Ticket #2328 (No action without shell patterns) created by gotar
Copy and Move dialogs do nothing when "Using shell patterns" is unchecked. …
12:31 Ticket #2327 (Can't put ? into a new name) created by gotar
It's not possible to rename a file to something having question mark. …
11:30 Ticket #2326 (Newline characters not retained upon rename) created by gotar
1. create file or directory containing \n in name, 2. rename it to …
11:08 Ticket #2325 ("Cannot change to" directory\n warning) created by gotar
1. create directory with trailing newline, 2. get into it. The warning …
09:25 Ticket #2324 (manually changing syntax definition is broken) created by ossi
open a source file => syntax highlighting is on now go to the menu to …
09:12 Ticket #2323 (syntax hightlighting rule order bogus) created by ossi
opening the file makefile.cpp in the editor causes it to be highlighted …
07:43 Ticket #2322 (l10n behaviour between minor version) closed by andrew_b
wontfix: Nobody of current MC developers is Italian-speaking. Pleas ask the Italian …
07:32 Ticket #2322 (l10n behaviour between minor version) created by allxsan
as reported here: http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=333443


08:51 Ticket #2321 (4.7.3: "copy directory to another pane which already has same-named ...) closed by andrew_b
invalid: Have you ever tried use search here? Fixed in #2276.
08:25 Ticket #2321 (4.7.3: "copy directory to another pane which already has same-named ...) created by vda
With mc-4.7.3: Here's the setup: Left pane displays a directory with …
07:19 Changeset [d41945] by Transifex robot <admin@…>
master1480_mcedit_home_end_enchencement1483_scrollbar1652_autodetect_lb1875_reorganize_options1952_tar1_smbfs2129_glib_static2129_static_build212_menu_keybind2170_docs2244_busy_loop2252_too_many_rebuilds2370_viewer_stdin2421_syntax_occurence_hl2733_edit_view_history2830_subshell_history289_copy_to_panelize2939_mcedit_highlight_xml_pair3100_torrent3130_panel_center_scroll3224_mcedit_paste_output_fix3607_cleanup3632_widget_flags3637_search_memleaks4.7.5-stable4.8.1-stable68_fish_abort_file_transfer_fixDEV_cmdlineDEV_improved_f11DEV_keymapsDEV_l10n_docsDEV_ru_man_mceditDEV_search_testsDEV_show_clockDEV_skin_improvementl10n: Updated French (fr) translation to 65% New status: 721 messages …


20:00 Ticket #2320 (regexp replace only transforms the first occurence correctly) created by ply
If the replacement string contains references to parenthesized substrings …
15:38 Ticket #2319 (crash in replace when the first occurence is skipped) closed by andrew_b
invalid: Please use search before create new ticket. Fixed in #2272.
13:16 Ticket #2319 (crash in replace when the first occurence is skipped) created by ply
The problem is at editcmd.c:1869 where the search_start pointer is …
11:29 Ticket #2318 (Editor exit dialog button order has changed. NOT FUNNY!) closed by andrew_b
invalid: Replying to vda: > SAY *NO* TO GRATUITOUS CHANGES IN USER …
11:18 Ticket #2318 (Editor exit dialog button order has changed. NOT FUNNY!) created by vda
Upgraded to 4.7.3 today. Every time I exit editor and want to save the …
11:15 Ticket #2045 (Enable CAPTCHA and email confirmation for creating new TRAC users) closed by slavazanko
fixed: Now need entering the Captcha when user registering.
09:09 Ticket #2317 (slow unzip) closed by andrew_b
duplicate: Duplicate of #3.
08:56 Ticket #2317 (slow unzip) created by roti
When I unzip a file from commandline ( unzip someFile ), it takes 4 sec. …
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