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17:46 Ticket #1420 (./configure issue: Glib) created by zaytsev
Hi! I'm trying to get RHEL4 mc builds rolling. RHEL4 a widely deployed …
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17:29 Ticket #1419 (./configure issue: GPM-related) created by zaytsev
Hi! There an error in ./configure: when --with-gpm-mouse is specified the …
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05:37 Ticket #1418 (fish: doesn't copy files frоm busybox host) created by angel_il
Doesn't copy files from the hosts with busybox. Shows a copy progress bar …


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00:18 Ticket #1417 (Search in internal viewer is very slow) created by bilbo
I am searching for simple word in internal viewer in 24 Mb text file. …


18:13 Ticket #1416 (Search regression after removing globals: every file has it's own F7 ...) closed by iNode
duplicate: I can't reproduce per-file history. I think you mean active search …
16:27 Ticket #1416 (Search regression after removing globals: every file has it's own F7 ...) created by zaytsev
As per il.smind / slavazanko/h --> now every file has it's own search …
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