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#3275 [patch] Highlight %lf in C code in mcedit mcedit new 4.8.13 defect major 02/17/15
#2782 MC and snapshots on FreeBSD mc-core new master defect major 04/21/16
#2229 MC viewer doesn't like [binary] files with no line endings [2 bugs here] mcview assigned master defect major 02/23/12
#32 savannah: mc doesn't clean up tempfiles mc-vfs accepted master enhancement major iNode 01/11/14
#2335 MC isn't GNU project anymore, is it? adm new 4.7.3 task major 04/06/15
#3675 Update/rework panel option "Use SI size units" mc-core new master enhancement major 08/17/16
#2216 Active + mouse clicks doesn't refresh view mc-core assigned master task major 01/30/16
#2213 tree view: user manual update mc-core assigned master task major 01/30/16
#389 Support of 'Extended Unix Code' mc-core new master task major 06/17/09
#2323 syntax hightlighting rule order bogus mcedit accepted master defect major zaytsev 01/05/14
#2937 Make the "Open file..." dialog in mcedit have a gui similar to mc where the user can pick a file graphically, not by typing its entire path. mc-core new master enhancement major 11/28/12
#83 savannah: editor needs read-only mode mcedit assigned 4.7.1 enhancement major 04/06/15
#2269 mc locked up after pressing Tab in subshell mc-core new 4.7.3 defect major 04/06/15
#3589 Hexdecimal search fails mc-search new 4.8.15 defect major 01/25/16
#3343 Add a support for FTPS connection mc-core new master enhancement major 01/03/15
#2452 Doesn't save "Verbose operation" file operation option mc-tty reopened master defect major 08/12/12
#2936 Ctrl-O conflict with Vim started from command line mc-core new 4.8.1 defect major 04/06/15
#2946 sftpfs transfers are very slow mc-vfs new 4.8.7 defect major 03/09/13
#2951 Open files on sftp link fails or opens wrong file mc-vfs new 4.8.5 defect major 01/12/13
#1875 [METATICKET] Change user configuration mc-config-ini accepted 4.7.5 task major slavazanko 11/06/11
#3591 Usability/Joy of Use: Switching Panels Via Backslash Key (= Right-Hand Tab-Key on US-keyboards) mc-core new master enhancement major 09/20/16
#2063 mc 4.7 doesn't handle hardlinks properly when browsing .deb or .rpm mc-vfs new defect major 11/05/11
#2733 The file view/edit history. mc-core accepted master enhancement major angel_il 05/13/16
#279 Autorename when copying/moving files mc-core new 4.6.2 enhancement major 02/21/10
#2454 Make reloading extfs contents possible mc-vfs new 4.7.4 enhancement major 06/18/15
#2530 Don't reset selection on mouse clicks, but only on mouse drags mc-core reopened 4.7.5 enhancement major 06/18/15
#1808 Featured skin: hiddenfiles-sign-show not showing in Putty mc-skin new 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement major 11/03/11
#3138 redo is broken mcedit new master defect major 01/05/14
#3490 Ability to switch to background jobs to view their status mc-core new master enhancement major 06/25/15
#2345 Copying files to CIFS mounts fails for some files with permission denied errors mc-core new defect major 11/06/11
#3673 Deprecate size_trunc_sep() in favor of locale-dependent printf support mc-core new master task major 08/17/16
#3220 The "Directory Compare" tool doesn't work (right) with search results mc-core new master defect major 09/05/14
#3432 Segmentation fault when viewing file which archived multiple time (in rpm's tarball) mc-vfs new master defect major 03/28/16
#2124 'Whole words' option is ignored in backward search. mc-search new master defect major 11/07/11
#1494 internal cd command is very limited mc-core new 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement major 10/29/11
#2985 mc command line does not allow alias defines mc-core new defect major 03/19/13
#3165 Display human readable sizes in panels mc-core new master enhancement major 04/04/14
#1652 Hide ^M in editor. mcedit accepted master enhancement major angel_il 06/02/15
#1751 Indenting should behave EXACTLY like Tab/Backspace mcedit new 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement major 11/03/11
#1639 "preserve Attributes" option should *not* be automatically disabled mc-core new master defect major 10/31/11
#3006 Unescape, reencode and insert string mcedit new master enhancement major 11/13/13
#2701 Compress to format... mc-core new master enhancement major 05/27/13
#2490 Just restore MC upon reexecution mc-core new 4.7.5 enhancement major 06/18/15
#2348 "file" command detection at buildtime breaks crosscompile + isolated builds mc-core new master defect major 11/16/11
#3234 filehighlight doesn't work for hardlinks mc-core new 4.8.12 defect major 12/14/14
#2633 Subshell don't save the output of the commands (ctrl+o clear the terminal) mc-core new defect major 03/18/16
#1889 zsh "edit after typo" feature screws mc up mc-core new 4.7.0-pre4 defect major 11/03/11
#3171 syscall interrupted during sftp transfer mc-vfs new master defect major 02/14/14
#3141 "filtered view" can lock up mc mc-core new master defect major 01/05/14
#2656 view torrent files using dumptrorrent.pl mc-core new 4.8.0 enhancement major 10/29/11
#3095 Compare directories [ Thorough ] doesn't work with SFTP mc-core new 4.8.10 defect major 10/28/13
#1448 FTP protocol in Midnight Commander is unusable [metabug] mc-vfs new master defect major 08/23/16
#2693 implement "follow symlink" command mc-core new master enhancement major 10/23/13
#1586 Sorting order differs from that of ls mc-core new 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement major 10/30/11
#2297 incremental tar archives doesn't contain empty directories mc-vfs new 4.7.3 defect major 12/14/13
#1988 Working in diff filesystem doesn't allow copy operation mc-vfs assigned defect major 02/24/12
#3279 Meta+i hotkey does not work in mcedit documentation new master defect major 09/30/14
#3099 Delete dialog - follow links mc-core new master enhancement major 10/28/13
#2307 Modified cursor keys not recognised in Cygwin xterm mc-tty new 4.7.3 defect major 03/13/14
#2997 mc does not support autodetection for extfs - problem with different formats of .ipk files (now with patch) mc-vfs new 4.7.0 enhancement major 08/12/14
#1380 input widget history mc-core new master enhancement major 10/30/11
#2391 shell connecting by mc mc-vfs reopened 4.8.8 defect major 11/24/13
#1407 FISH: incorrect show file/directory owner mc-vfs assigned master defect major angel_il 03/17/13
#1952 mc cd foo.tar#utar does not handle POSIX ustar archives, only GNU tar vendor-specific/legacy ones mc-vfs accepted master defect major andrew_b 06/18/15
#273 bad Modify timestamps on files copied from OS/2 LANMAN CIFS mount to local filesystem mc-vfs reopened defect major 09/27/14
#3257 Charset handling buggy and extremely complicated mc-core new master defect major 01/03/16
#1984 something like syntax.d for highlighting mc-core new version not selected defect major 07/04/13
#3580 Slow start because the subshell starts slow mc-core new master enhancement major 05/19/16
#1488 Mountpoint selector mc-core accepted 4.7.0-pre1 enhancement major slavazanko 04/06/15
#1871 Advanced chown: wrong set files permissions mc-core new master defect major 10/31/11
#93 cons.saver: open the console in non-blocking mode mc-core new defect major 01/05/14
#3039 sftpfs: SSH aliases (#2923 wrong fix) mc-vfs new 4.8.9 defect major 07/12/13
#1761 Clock display mc-core new 4.7.0-pre4 enhancement major 01/21/10
#1983 Add btrfs' file clone operation mc-vfs new version not selected enhancement minor 07/17/14
#3687 'hotlist' improperly stored in config mc-core new master defect minor 09/08/16
#2281 Invalid handling of large files (>4GB) on samba (different filesize, cannot copy) mc-vfs new 4.7.3 defect minor 07/15/10
#1907 F5/F6 append filename to path in "to:" input mc-core reopened master enhancement minor angel_il 04/09/13
#3685 Add hotkey support to labels and groupboxes mc-core new master enhancement minor 09/05/16
#2270 Directories and symlinks are displayed by identical colour mc-skin new defect minor 11/02/11
#3682 Drop automatic migration of configuration from ~/.mc to XDG-base mc-core new master task minor 09/08/16
#2468 Preserve extended attributes while copy mc-core new master enhancement minor 09/16/11
#2387 Persistent file mark mc-core new 4.7.4 enhancement minor 11/01/11
#2224 PHP syntax highlighting bug mcedit new 4.7.0 defect minor 07/21/12
#3679 proper forking of xdg-open mc-core new master defect minor 08/23/16
#24 savannah: session management wanted mc-core new task minor 01/11/14
#2132 Viewer does't make horizontal scroll to the found text. mcview assigned master defect minor 03/23/15
#2385 Information about current file mc-core new master enhancement minor 11/01/11
#2629 Allow editor to read data from stdin mcedit new master defect minor 10/19/11
#3174 Segmentation fault while trying to get list of FTP directory of Microsoft FTP server mc-vfs new master defect minor 02/24/14
#2329 Whitespace-only sequences not remembered mc-core new 4.7.3 enhancement minor 11/01/11
#2310 When moving mc queues delete operations and performs them only if copy is completed sucesfully mc-core new enhancement minor 11/01/11
#2346 Sync PHP syntax highlighting with up do date language keywords mcedit accepted master enhancement minor zaytsev 11/06/11
#1561 Help for editor dialogs mcedit reopened master task minor andrew_b 10/29/11
#2624 [mcedit] Text block deletion moves cursor far after the end of line mcedit new 4.8.0-pre2 defect minor 10/06/11
#3681 document when changes to mc.ext take effect mc-core new master enhancement minor 08/23/16
#2089 diff via "File exists" dialog mc-core new master enhancement minor 11/03/11
#2900 MC not starting without user home directory mc-core new 4.8.6 defect minor 09/25/12
#2630 Store the growbuffer / Rename Parse into Refresh for DS_*_PIPE mcview new master defect minor 10/14/11
#2227 Unable to use Process Substitution in User Menu scripts mc-core reopened 4.7.2 defect minor 11/01/11
#1658 Please change unknown.syntax to something more useful, see the attachment mcedit reopened 4.7.0-pre3 enhancement minor iNode 11/01/11
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